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  • Dr. Gross helped me tremendously with his astute diagnostic knowledge and skills; and his individually prescribed healing-treatment plans. He listened attentively to my symptoms. Then, he patiently ed...

    ~ Mary Carolyn Gonzales ~

  • Dr. Gross was an amazing surgeon for my foot surgery. I experienced no pain & needed no pain medication. He listens to his patients & works with his staff. His staff is very efficient & timely for app...

    ~ Patricia Mescus ~

  • Dr. Gross is an awesome doctor! He takes time to talk and listen to his patients, so they feel comfortable with their treatment plan. Dr. Gross wants patient feedback, to make changes and improve the ...

    ~ Amanda Obi ~

  • "Dr. Gross listened to me and explained what could be causing my pain. I know I’ll never be back to 100% pain free but he got me back to my life and I’m forever grateful"

    ~ Anonymous ~

  • "I have been seeing Dr. Gross for 5 years now, and can without a doubt state that you won't find a more professional, confident Othopedist in SC. He is my 5th surgical doctor over 20 years. I drive ...

    ~ Anonymous ~

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