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How to tell if a shoe is worth buying?

Some the most common questions patients ask are:

  • How do I find a good shoe?
  • What do I look for when I'm buying for a shoe?

Many feet problem come from lack of support so having a good shoe is very critical.

Three things you want to look for in a good shoe: twist, bend, and squeeze.

Shoe Recommendations
  1. TWIST
    • You want to twist that sole like you are ringing out a towel to see how much torsional rigidity there is.
  2. BEND
    • Flip the shoe over and bend the shoe— it's expected to only bend (slightly) where your toes bend. If it bends back in the mid part of the shoe then it's not going to give you adequate support.
    • Squeeze the heel counter (back part of shoe that is next to the heel cord) of the shoe. It needs to be fairly stiff so it doesn't collapse.
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